Tempo Framing Systems : A Canadian Picture Frame Manufacturer owned by Canadians.

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About Tempo Framing

Tempo Framing Systems is a Canadian Picture Frame Manufacturer owned by Canadians. It has been in business for twenty-seven years and is located in Pickering, Ontario.


Tempo Framing specializes in document and Diploma frames for Universities, Colleges, Organizations and Industry. It is the largest supplier of Diploma frames to Canadian Universities and Colleges.


Unlike frames now found in stationary and chain stores, Tempo frames are made entirely in Canada using Canadian labour and only North American materials. This ensures that all manufacturing of Tempo frames conforms to fair labour practices and that all components used in their manufacture are Eco Friendly.

The Tempo Framing System also utilizes a unique 10 Second loading system (frame and mat) that allows the end user to frame their materials, quickly and easily! This unique loading system also allows an end user to get at their document easily if they need to copy it.


The unique 10 Second Loading System also allows the frame to be hung without wires and is always centered.


Your Tempo frame comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, contact us for repair or replacement.


Tempo Framing Systems is a member of the Fair Labor Association as well as a Charter Business Member of AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) and adheres to their strict rules of conduct in doing business. Tempo is also a proud supporter of CCAE (Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education) that represents the universities and colleges in Canada.


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